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At Evaluate we believe that connected data leads to a clearer picture. We are data engineers who collect, calibrate and connect the pharmaceutical world’s information. Our transparent aggregation and consistent categorisation of disparate datasets allow you to easily gather the data you need from a single, standardised platform.

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly under pressure to make accurate, high value decisions at speed. Our seamless view of the industry builds your understanding of the commercial issues that affect strategic decisions — giving you the time and confidence to turn understanding into insight, and insight into action.

To amplify your ability to make critical decisions, Evaluate is proud to become part of Norstella – an organisation that unites four market-leading companies with a shared goal: to improve patient access to life-changing therapies. We are stronger together – and as a Norstella company, Evaluate plays a key role in helping you connect the dots from pipeline to patient.

For more information, please visit Norstella.com

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