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Latest Media Coverage

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

The fragmentation of biopharmaceutical innovation

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are typically 50–120 consolidative deals each year through which two companies become a single entity. So, it could be reasonable to…

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Top drugs and companies by sales in 2018

As AbbVie’s Humira (adalimumab) tops the biggest-selling drug list again in 2018, it is hard to see where any challenger might come from to snatch the autoimmune disorder…

Journal of Clinical Pathways

Pathways for Paying for Rare Disease Treatments

According to a 2018 EvaluatePharma Orphan Drug Report, sales of orphan drugs are set to climb by 11% a year through 2024, eventually reaching $262 billion.

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The Pharma Letter

Look back at pharma news in week to March 1

Jonathan Gardner writing on Vantage, the editorial arm of the Evaluate group said, on the basis of life years gained rather than QALYs, Zolgensma hits the $150,000…

The Pharma Letter

Phase III ‘Prepare’ trial of ResVax fails

ResVax had been projected to generate in $668 million in sales by 2024 as a stand-alone product, and that it was expected to rise to $2.6 billion per year if the company…


Top 10 drugs losing exclusivity in 2019

To compile this list, FiercePharma used an OptumRx generic pipeline forecast, plus company conference calls, SEC filings, analyst reports and data from life science…

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