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Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Top companies and drugs by sales in 2020

Having supplanted Novartis as the biggest pharma company by prescription sales in 2019, Roche managed to hang onto the title in 2020.

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The stock market is discovering gene therapy

"Technologies such as Crispr are highly valued," says a study by the British analysis company EvaluatePharma, "but they also represent a high risk. Any serious setback…

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

The polycultis of the knee are in enviable form

According to estimates by market research firm Evaluate Pharma, the annual increase in prescription drug sales between 2019 and 2024 will reach almost 7% worldwide.

Fianze und Wirtschaft

Highly competitive market for cancer drugs

According to an estimate by data service provider EvaluatePharma, about $ 182 billion will be spent on research and development this year, much of it to fight more than…

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

FDA new drug approvals in Q3 2019

The biggest approval of the third quarter was not a new drug, but an oral version of Novo Nordisk’s semaglutide, branded Rybelsus, which has a consensus sales forecast of…