Epi Analyzer: Blockbusters Out, Highly Targeted Therapies In

LONDON, BOSTON, SAN FRANCISCO, TOKYO (July 20, 2017) — Today life science commercial intelligence leader, Evaluate, released case studies highlighting the value of granular patient segmentation and epidemiological data to support commercial valuations, whitespace identification and product differentiation ultimately leading to enhanced portfolio decision-making. Therapy areas covered include: CAR-T, MPS-III and Age-related Macular Degeneration.

According to report author and Evaluate Senior Analyst Chris Watson, PhD, the last 5 years have witnessed a significant re-organisation of the pharmaceutical business model around the ability to identify, develop and bring to market novel therapies with proven clinical benefits in very well defined patient populations.

“Within this rapidly changing environment, Evaluate is supporting our clients with pioneering approaches to risk / value assessments and forecasting, aimed to improve the quality and speed of analysis for strategic decisions”, said Antonio Iervolino, Head of Forecasting at Evaluate.

The case studies provide practical examples aimed at competitive intelligence, business developers, corporate strategists and executive decision-makers and demonstrate the value to these roles of convenient, high quality epidemiology data used in conjunction with global commercial intelligence.

Epi Analyzer, brings together Evaluate’s expertise in consensus forecasts with a highly granular epidemiology database. Its coverage includes over 160 diseases and 8,000 subpopulations with the ability to drill down to very specific patient pools. To learn more and download the case studies report, please visit: www.evaluate.com/EpiAnalyzerReport2017.

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