Evaluate Ltd. launches Evaluate Omnium, transforming pharma’s approach to quantifying the risk and return of novel drugs

LONDON, BOSTON, TOKYO (September 30, 2020) – Evaluate Ltd., the leading provider of commercial intelligence and predictive analytics to the pharmaceutical industry, today released its latest game-changing product, Evaluate Omnium, as part of its commitment to filling the critical information gaps that lead to inefficient pharma portfolio investments.

Evaluate Omnium is a ground-breaking new way to assess pharma asset potential by giving users an unprecedented view of both the predicted risk (likelihood of success) and return (commercial potential) of pharma assets in all phases of clinical development. The result is unparalleled insight into drug portfolio potential at a product-specific level, including early-stage and privately-owned drugs.

By applying proprietary methodologies and machine learning algorithms to 6 million data points and 26,000 R&D programs, Evaluate Omnium overcomes the limitations of conventional predictive models to deliver significantly more accurate risk and return forecasts. Compared to calculations based on industry benchmark data, Evaluate Omnium delivers 4 times greater accuracy when predicting which Phase I drugs will reach the market and a 21% increase in accuracy when predicting the commercial return of Phase I drugs.

“Conventional forecast models often focus on later-stage drugs or require complex analyses that are not replicable at scale,” said Jon Moser, Head of Product Development at Evaluate. “Our breakthrough approach applies the power of machine learning algorithms to our decades of market data, so our clients have readily-available, accurate forecast data for drugs in all phases of development. As a result, they can make more confident, informed portfolio investment decisions earlier in the product lifecycle and better optimize their drug portfolios for success.” 

“As industry spend climbs to $1.6bn for every new drug that reaches the market, and with just 20% of approved drugs generating 90% of market value, there is a clear opportunity to boost the productivity and efficiency of pharma R&D,” said CEO Deborah Kobewka. “By dramatically increasing the availability and accuracy of critical risk and return data, Evaluate Omnium is game-changer for pharmaceutical companies seeking to deliver life-changing therapies to patients as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.”

Key Product Features:

  • Industrial-scale assessment of individual drug potential, using dynamic algorithms and machine learning to identify the key factors that correlate to both market approval and commercial success.
  • Peak sales models that cover 8 times more of the market than consensus models, including unique commercial coverage for early-stage and privately-held assets. 
  • Probability of success for products with novel mechanism of actions or indications without previous approvals, removing limitations created by traditional success rate benchmarks.
  • Combined analytics that incorporate the improved coverage and accuracy of both risk and return data points for quick, efficient analyses and comparisons.

Learn more about how Evaluate Omnium transforms our clients’ confidence in quantifying the potential of pharma assets at www.evaluate.com/Evaluate-Omnium

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