Vision and History

Our vision is to significantly improve the way the pharmaceutical industry forecasts drugs, leading to better, more focused investments in new medicines and improving the quality of life for patients.

Evaluate Group was established in 1996 by Dr Jonathan de Pass, a top-ranked pharmaceutical analyst, when he realised that the time spent collecting and aggregating sales forecasts and other information could be better used interpreting and understanding the implications of that data. Specifically, he saw that a centralised, consensus-based view of financial and value forecasts could lead to better insights and outcomes.

In response, Evaluate developed a platform to streamline access to accurate, transparent commercial intelligence, supported by personalised, expert guidance and customised offerings. Over the past twenty years, our client-focused innovation and passion for data excellence have broadened our solutions beyond our original market-leading consensus forecasts. We continue to pioneer new, must-have content to meet the needs of our client partners, expanding their global view of the past, present, and future market.

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