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Using Sales-Based Forecasting to Identify Opportunity and Risk for Pharma Business

Can Forecasting Help Identify Market Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies? Forecasting serves to help pharmaceutical companies identify market opportunities, particularly when taking a sales-based approach and considering the wider competitive set. When forecasting the broader market, it allows companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of the context in which they are operating. By including the wider […]

The Processes Needed for Successful Pharmaceutical Forecasting

Many pharmaceutical companies are harnessing digital solutions to elevate global forecasting. Digital tools, such as cloud-based, SaaS environments, are powering efficient, streamlined, and intelligent forecasting processes. But, for technological solutions to empower pharma, there need to be robust forecasting processes in place to make them work in alignment with your business goals. Why are Forecasting […]

In Case You Missed It: Three Things we Learned in our Orphan Drugs Webinar

If you missed our recent webinar in which we dived in the orphan drugs landscape, you skipped a fascinating discussion between biopharma journalist Melanie Senior, author of our recent report “Have Orphans Lost Their Sparkle?”, Evaluate analyst Puru Gaur and special guest Stephanie Léouzon, Managing Director, Biopharma Healthcare at Stifel. The good news is that […]

The Future of Pharma Forecasting

What is FC365? In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of pharmaceutical forecasting, having access to modern, high-performing tools is crucial. FC365 is addressing the industry’s unique needs, empowering forecasting teams to work more effectively and efficiently. Implementation of this SaaS platform across many leading pharma is now streamlining processes and bringing efficiencies. Saving teams valuable […]

Neurology’s Renewal

In the realm of healthcare, neurology is experiencing a revival, marked by notable clinical advancements, increased deal activity, and a resurgence of interest from pharmaceutical giants. While perhaps not as widely discussed as topics like obesity, neuroscience’s return to the spotlight is evident through various indicators, including rising deal numbers and significant mergers and acquisitions. […]

Orphans are Getting Strategic

You may have read the new report we recently published on the orphan drug market. Rare diseases and their therapies are a huge topic to cover so inevitably, we couldn’t cover everything in the report. However, that’s what webinars are for! I’m delighted to be taking part in Evaluate’s upcoming webinar which will explore the […]

What’s the Deal? Navigating the Complex World of Pharma Business Development

2024 has the potential to be a year full of partnering opportunities, driven by the much-discussed patent cliff as some of the biggest-selling drugs in history are set to lose exclusivity by 2028. Perhaps as much as 6% of the nearly $1.6 trillion overall drug market might be at risk and while this isn’t Big […]

Meet the Team: Andrew Ward


If you missed the recent news, Evaluate recently acquired J+D Forecasting, a provider of brilliant forecasting solutions to pharma and biotech companies. Andrew Ward has been with the J+D team for almost 10 years as Head of Implementation team, ensuring that the team is able to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. I grabbed […]

Orphan Drug Report 2024: Slowdown a Sign of Success


Hot-off-the-press, Evaluate has just released its latest annual deep dive into the world of orphan drugs and rare diseases. I had the opportunity to preview the content and make the case for why it is essential biopharma reading below. And while I have your attention, you can grab your complimentary copy of Orphan Drug Report […]

US Health Systems: A Driving Force for Digital Health


The US Healthcare system is a vast, unwieldy beast that requires significant navigation by any company in the healthcare space. Whether you’re a Big Pharma, a small biotech or an innovative digital health developer, access to this market (and its payers) is likely to be make or break for your business. This, in a nutshell, […]