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What is the Evaluate COVID-19 EventAnalyzer?

COVID-19 has dominated headlines and triggered market volatility. Given this, Evaluate has decided to share a global roundup of key COVID-19 events driving company valuations.

The Evaluate COVID-19 EventAnalyzer details the largest market valuation gains and losses that can be attributed to COVID-19 initiatives, since the outbreak. It’s a rapid way to identify and understand the listed companies pursuing drug treatments, vaccines or diagnostics for COVID-19.

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Key COVID-19 Market Movers up to 27 May 2020
Company Market Cap Change (US $mln) Market Cap (US $mln) Calculated Share Price Impact (%) EventAnalyzer Note
Gilead Sciences +26,325 93,953 +39%

COVID-19 Drug Development: Remdesivir (nucleotide inhibitor)

29 Apr: Positive PIII results in SIMPLE trial; 5-day / 10-day treatment course achieve similar results. Gilead reports of emerging positive outcome from US (NIAID) study.

15 Apr: Halts enrolment of a Remdesivir trial in China, due to a lack of patients.

25 Mar: Shares fall after the company requests FDA to remove orphan drug status for remdesivir, following public disapproval of the decision.

18 Mar: Shares continue to rise. Analyst from Piper Sandler suggests remdesivir could receive regulatory approval 'very soon' off early data.

26 Feb: Company initiates two PIII studies of its antiviral drug, Remdesivir for treatment of COVID-19.

23 Jan: Company reports that it is evaluating its experimental Ebola drug, remdesivir, for the potential treatment of COVID-19.

Johnson & Johnson +25,968 381,726 +7%

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

30 Mar: Selects lead COVID-19 vaccine candidate, expands BARDA co-funding to $1bn; Expects to initiate human trial SEP 2020 latest and anticipates first batch of vaccine for emergency use early 2021. Will establish new US vaccine manufacturing capabilities.

Roche +19,113 298,864 +7%

COVID-19 Drug Development: Actemra (anti-IL-6 MAb)

04 Mar: China’s National Health Commission recommend use of company's anti-inflammation drug, Actemra for COVID-19 patients with serious lung damage and high IL-6 levels.

COVID-19 Diagnostics Development

4 May: Shares rise after the FDA grants Emergency Use Authorization to company's Elecsys, an anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody test for COVID-19, on 3 May.

16 Mar: Company announces shipping of first 400,000 Cobas SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests across US, following granting of FDA Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA).

13 Mar: FDA grants emergency authorization for the company's COVID-19 test, which provides results in three and a half hours.

Sanofi +13,777 119,622 +13%

COVID-19 Drug Development: Kevzara (anti-IL-6 MAb)

30 Mar: Sanofi/Regeneron's Kevzara treats first patient in phase II/III trial.

16 Mar: Initiation of global clinical program for severe COVID-19 infection. PII/PIII trial already initiated in the US and will enroll patients immediately.

10 Mar [post market]: The Wall Street Journal reports plans to evaluate arthritis drug, Kevzara, for the treatment of symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

14 Apr: Signs collaboration with GSK to develop an adjuvant vaccine. Plans to start trials H1 2020.

18 Feb: Company to collaborate with BARDA to develop an advanced pre-clinical SARS vaccine for COVID-19 virus.

BioNTech +10,901 10,792 n/a%

COVID-19 Vaccine Development: (BNT162)

22 Apr: German regulator approves PI/II vaccine program.

19 Mar: Shares fall back after rising 38% after string two day gain.

16-18 Mar: Shares rise after announcement of collaboration with Pfizer for WW ex-China and Fosun Pharma for China to develop the company's mRNA vaccine candiate, BNT162, for the prevention of COVID-19 infections on 17 Mar. Plan to initiate clinical trials in late April 2020.

Pfizer +8,762 207,806 +4%

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

11 May: Plans to outsource production of its own branded products to contract manufacturers in order to prioritise vaccine (BNT162).

23 Apr: With BioNTech expects to initiate PI study of vaccine (BNT162), by end of April.

AstraZeneca +5,223 137,707 +4%

COVID-19 Vaccine Development: ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AZD1222)

21 May: Secures  400m doses vaccine order. Plans to distribute by Sep'20. Receives $1bn in funding from the BARDA to develop.

30 Apr: Collaborates with Oxford University to develop COVID-19 Vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19.

COVID-19 Drug Development: Calquence

13 April: Initiation blood cancer drug, Calquence, for the potential treatment of COVID-19, following promising results in late-stage patients.

COVID-19 Profit Risk

14 Feb: Q4’19 revenue misses analyst expectations. Company assumes an unfavourable impact on the 2020 financial outlook due to the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Moderna +5,006 19,370 +35%

COVID-19 Vaccine Development: mRNA-1273 (mRNA vaccine)

7 May: FDA completed review of INDA. PII to commence imminently. PIII expected to commence early summer 2020.

16 Apr: $483m grant from US government agency BARDA.

16 Mar: Company announces the first participant dosed in the phase I trial of its mRNA-1273 vaccine for COVID-19.

11 Mar: Reuters reports that the company plans to initiate a trial for COVID-19 in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health for 45 people in Seattle this month.

25 Feb: Company to initiate phase I study of its mRNA-1273 for COVID-19 by the end of April.

07 Feb: The USA NIAID (NIH) director states during a White House news conference that the development of the company's COVID-19 vaccine is proceeding well, with hopes to to initiate phase I trials within 2.5 months.

GlaxoSmithKline +4,862 102,135 +5%

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

14 Apr: Signs collaboration with GSK/ Sanofi to develop an adjuvant vaccine. Plans to start trials H1 2020.

COVID-19 Drug & Vaccine Development

6 Apr: Collaboration with Vir Biotechnology to develop a potential antibody for COVID-19. Makes $250m equity investment.

Takeda +4,415 60,606 +8%

COVID-19 Drug Development: TAK-888 (plasma-derived drug)

14 May: Reports plans to start trials investigating TAK-888, as early as July. 

05 Mar: Shares rise a day after company announces initiation of development of a plasma-derived drug, TAK-888 for COVID-19, on 4 Mar. TAK-888, is a serum therapy made from the antibodies of recovered COVID-19 patients.

Novartis -1,568 193,279 -1%

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

14 May: CEO states their vaccine may not be available until the end of 2021.

COVID-19 Drug Development: Hydroxychloroquine

20 Apr: Signs an agreement with the FDA to proceed with a PIII trial of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

Amgen -3,391 132,244 -3%

COVID-19 Profit Risk

31 Mar: To reduce COVID-19 exposure risk, temporarily pauses enrolment and screening of trials wherever safety and data integrity could become an issue and decides to suspend all in-person meetings and interactions with healthcare company and professionals in US.

Source: Evaluate, May 2020.

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