COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Updated March 13, 2020: 

Ensuring high-quality of service and delivery to our customers is paramount and we’re taking steps to ensure there’s no interruption of services as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.  As a company who predominantly operates in ‘the cloud’, we have many technologies and tools that support our ability to continue working effectively with our clients, whilst not having to physically be in our offices.

While this is not a response to any cases of COVID-19 within Evaluate, the outbreak has the potential to cause an impact on how Evaluate would normally operate. Therefore, it’s appropriate for Evaluate to let you know how we plan to work under restricted circumstances. With this in mind, we would like to share our business continuity plan with you.

To centralise all communications and plans we have appointed an Executive COVID-19 Lead reporting to our CEO: Lucy Ralph, Chief HR Officer.

Statement on Evaluate’s Overall Sustainability of Services

Evaluate’s core platform resilience and redundancy including infrastructure, cloud based architecture and delivery of services are fully equipped and able to operate and maintain services while implementing a work from home global office shutdown. We have performed the same resilience and redundancy exercise with our partners and key suppliers reviewing their sustainability plans to ensure our business operates normally. Should we have any reason to suspect any potential interruption of services we will communicate updates to our customers and partners as noted in our agreements.

In the case that an Evaluate team member is suspected or confirmed to have contracted COVID-19:

  • The individual will be instructed to immediately self-isolate and be asked to work from home or take sick leave as appropriate. They will continue to work from home until they receive appropriate medical advice or results. This point also applies to any staff member who has come into close contact with anyone who is suspected or confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.
  • If the individual has been in the Evaluate offices within the past two weeks, all Evaluate team members who have been in close contact will be advised to work from home while the individual receives appropriate medical advice or results. Any scheduled in-person meetings will be suspended until further notice and will take place over video conferencing.
  • If the individual has come into contact with a member of your team in the two weeks leading up to their illness, we will notify you as soon as possible and provide updates as appropriate.
  • Evaluate has already implemented a global ban on all international travel for employees.

What Our Clients, Suppliers and Partners Can Do

  • Report suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases to us as soon as possible if an Evaluate team member has visited your office in their past two weeks sending an email to:
  • Communicate your company’s own COVID-19 contingency plan, should it impact the way that Evaluate team members interact with your organisation.

If you have any questions on our contingency plan, please reach out to Evaluate at Please visit for further COVID-19 updates from Evaluate