Upcoming catalysts, a New Year’s celebration for some

Got 10 minutes? Grab a coffee and listen to our latest podcast looking at the latest and upcoming readouts to see what's going to be hot as we head into 2023.

With only a few weeks left of the year, what are the Q4 trial readouts that will take us into 2023 with a suitable sense of joy and wonder about the future? Or at least, a positive sense of what may or may not be making waves in the short to medium term.

To ponder this question, Amy Brown and I took to the podcast studio again to discuss some of the most recent readouts, as well as those we’re expecting imminently. We talk about how Intercept’s Nash crown might be under threat, some upcoming results with radioligands and, almost inevitably, the latest state of play in Alzheimer’s. Oh, and you can hear us both mangle a couple of the more complicated drug names!

If you want to dig into the detail a little more, the articles are below the podcast recording. In the meantime, grab your headphones and settle in. 

Our Q4 catalyst stories

And the clinical data already making waves

Industry trends

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