2023 Preview

Biotech and pharma: from bad to worse, or better in 2023? Amy Brown and Edwin Elmhirst from Evaluate Vantage, discuss what the coming year is likely to bring.

A new year, a fresh outlook for beaten-up biotech companies? There are some hopes that conditions will improve during 2023, though few are expecting a dramatic recovery.  View the webinar for expert views on the year ahead, and a look at the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves.

Get insights on:

  • Which areas and indications look set to take off in 2023
  • What's the impact of the macroeconomic landscape on the life sciences market?
  • The big players and the new drugs set to drive growth
  • The latest IPO and dealmaking activity

For the full data you can download the 2023 Preview report

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2023 Preview Presentation

To revisit the data or review some of the key themes discussed, please download the webinar slides