How We Can Help You

Evaluate gives you the understanding and time you need to drive better decisions.

We are data engineers who collect, calibrate and connect the financial and technical information the pharmaceutical industry needs. Our dedication to transparently aggregating commercial information from multiple sources lets you make the connections you need with confidence.

We bring the past, present and future into one view. And we’ve built up our offering from our original market-leading consensus forecasts, all the way to creating valuation models for products in development. 

From an overview of the broader market to a detailed product or company analysis, Evaluate's integrated platform is designed to take you from exploration to full understanding as quickly and accurately as possible. 

 Size new markets

Size new markets

  • Create market sizing models from actual company data, with consensus forecasts to 2026
  • Identify future key products and players
  • Cut the data by therapeutic area, EphMRA code, pharma class, indication, mechanism of action, technology and more for complete precision and flexibility
 Carry out market landscaping

Carry out market landscaping

  • Spot new product launches, track clinical trials and identify new market entrants using our robust pipeline information to quickly build an understanding of your market
  • Assess the R&D landscape for potential assets and identify competitive products
  • Get data alerts to track changes in pipelines and forecasts and follow key milestones including upcoming PDUFA dates, expected approvals and patent expiration
Screen and value assets

Screen and value assets

  • Screen for acquisition and in-licencing deals by your target criteria
  • Analyse targets by forecast sales, launch and trial progression milestones, patent protection, asset ownership and licensing deals
  • Perform asset valuation, for your own portfolio or target assets, with full R&D, licensing and regulatory history
Stay abreast of industry trends

Stay abreast of industry trends

  • Track key industry trends and assess strategic growth opportunities
  • Customise your daily news alerts to track companies, products, financing, M&A, filings, R&D and more
  • Read Evaluate Vantage for independent, data-driven daily news and analysis on pharma, biotech and medtech.
Understand your competitors

Understanding your competitors

  • Analyse your competitors from every angle, track products and forecasts with a wealth of historical analysis
  • Evaluate competing assets using a single view of the risk and return of the R&D landscape
  • Get data alerts to track changes in competitor pipelines and forecasts
Benchmark deals

Benchmark deals

  • Learn from the experiences of others and identify similar deals to those in your pipeline
  • Compare and contrast deal values and structure for product licensing, M&A, venture financing and IPO
Build forecasts and financial models

Build forecasts and financial models

  • Create patient-based models, helping you value products and companies for investment decisions with easy access to granular epidemiological data
  • Use consensus forecasts to quickly understand the market size, key players and timings for launch and patent expirations
  • Benchmark your own internal forecasts against Evaluate forecasts
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Evaluate is not a package I can do without... It's an absolute timesaver, and if you're saving time you're saving money.


Evaluate makes it possible for us to assess the commercial value for different products, as well as understand the major trends in the pharmaceutical industry.