Evaluate Pharma World Preview 2021, Outlook to 2026(英語版)


We provide top-level insights and analyses on all the key trends in the fourteenth edition of the Evaluate Pharma World Preview 2021, Outlook to 2026 report.

Our most comprehensive report yet tracks the expected performance of the biopharma industry between now and 2026, based on Evaluate Pharma's coverage of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Report Contents

  • The expected winners and losers in the vaccine marathon
  • Investment activity in biotech
  • Insights on pricing pressures
  • China's emerging biotech sector
  • Whether the needle will move on anti-infective R&D
  • Forecast global prescription drug sales, patent risk, R&D spend, worldwide brand sales and market performance amongst much more.
The money and attention focused on biopharma during the pandemic reflects the sector’s strategic importance.


Worldwide prescription
sales continue upward,
forecast to top $1 trillion
by 2026.
Pfizer and Moderna’s
Covid-19 vaccines will
add a new flavour of
blockbuster – each pulling
in an expected $50 billion.
The top 10 best-selling
drugs will together be
worth over $127 billion,
most of them biologics.
That said, Novavax’s
protein-based candidate
could sell $5 billion in
8 of today's 10 most
valuable R&D projects,
measured by NPV, are
in disease areas other
than Oncology.
AbbVie is forecast to
overtake Roche to become
the biggest pharma
company by sales in 2026.

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