Highlights from the Covid Round Up

The biopharma and medtech sectors have been racing to deliver treatments, vaccines and other solutions to Covid-19 for close to two years now. What progress has been made recently and what can we expect for the coming months?

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What's In The Pack ?
Astrazeneca tries its luck in Covid-19 prevention

Astrazeneca’s filing for emergency use of AZD7442 for Covid-19 prevention looks like an attempt to steal a march on Regeneron and Lilly’s already authorised MAbs.
Atea and Roche get a Covid-19 antiviral warning

The failure of the phase 2 Moonsong outpatient trial prompts a phase 3 rethink and a one-year delay.
Covid-19 research efforts slow

A few developers are still finding reasons to research novel pandemic treatments, though much of the ongoing work is focused on proven approaches.
Memed seeks partners for bacterial vs viral testing and more

The group’s ambitions
are startling,
but it will need cash and
collaborators to realise them.

NIH endorsement boosts Synairgen as critical readout approaches

Inclusion in one of the NIH’s expansive Activ Covid-19 trials can be considered a sign that a project has potential.
US backs another Covid-19 booster

But a potentially more interesting advisory committee, for Merck and Ridgeback’s molnupiravir, awaits.
Valneva scores
a pyrrhic trial win

The group’s Covid-19 vaccine
is on course for UK approval –
but the UK doesn’t want it.

Astra’s Tackle disappoints

Astrazeneca is already seeking authorisation of its antibody combo AZD7442 for the prevention of Covid-19, but there are a couple of reasons for caution.