Investor Interviews: Thoughts and opinions about the coming year

After a bruising 2021, biotech investors are hoping for a rebound. We interviewed investors and biopharma participants from across the sector, asking them to share their insights on a variety of issues.

The topics up for discussion include the flood of new companies arriving on the US market, what 2022 will bring for European biotechs, strategic M&A opportunities, the ongoing venture boom and more.

Interesting snippets from our conversations:

“I hope the IPO market for biotech implodes because it has been too easy for the last couple of years, and the overall lack of quality and capital efficiency is creating problems.”

Brad Loncar, Chief Executive of Loncar Investments and a biotech investor.
“I don’t fundamentally have issues with companies going public, but they should be at reasonable valuations, and there should be demand outside the few crossover investors who are only interested in flipping their shares.”

Wilson Cheung, Private Biotech Investor
“I expect a meaningful if not very sizeable pickup in M&A activity in the next six months. We have never seen strategic buyers moves so quickly and so determinedly.”

Otello Stampacchia, Managing Director, Omega Funds