Partnering Against COVID-19: Free Virtual Partnering Event

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This event has now ended.

Thank you to the 3,200+ delegates that joined us for over 2,600 meetings at the #PartneringAgainstCOVID19 event. We'd also like to extend our thanks to the 50+ industry organizations that endorsed and helped promote this event.

If you missed the chance to participate, but would be interested in attending a future virtual partnering event, fill out the form below to stay up to date on the latest news and events from Evaluate.

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Interested in attending a future virtual event? Participants will be able to pursue:

- Potential R&D collaborations
- Tools for research projects
- Drug repurposing
- Partners for clinical trials
- Biological markers and diagnostic tests for clinical trials
- Animal and in-silico modes
- New suppliers for supply chain reinforcement
- Funding and licensing
- Production capabilities and scale-up know-how
- Early stage discovery collaboration
- Adjuvants, carrier systems and formulation technologies

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What is a virtual partnering event?

A partnering event usually aims to facilitate interactions between attendees at big conferences in convention centers. Virtual partnering events facilitate similar connections in a safe, structured and easy-to-use online space.
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Who was the event for and who can participate in a future event?

Participation at the COVID-19 Virtual Partnering event was open to any organization that provides product, knowledge, or technology that can help in the effort to develop and produce testing, treatment and vaccine solutions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Future events would be open to a similar audience.
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Which companies organised this event?

The event was organised by LyonBiopole, Inova and Evaluate Ltd, and leveraged Inova’s leading matchmaking platform that has been at the heart of major biopharmaceutical conventions since 2015, efficiently connecting companies at scale.

How did virtual partnering work?

  • Each delegate entered a profile into a searchable directory.
  • Anyone could reach out to those listed in the directory.
  • Meetings could be requested, accepted or declined - all are virtually organised and scheduled.
  • Each delegate had a personalized agenda of meetings.

Step 1: Meeting requests

  • Participants searched for and requested meetings with potential partners in our directory.
  • Once accepted, they scheduled the meeting via the online networking platform.
  • Access to the directory and meeting scheduling started 20 April.

Step 2: Virtual meetings

  • Meetings took place from 4 May through 6 May using the online meeting system.
  • Meetings lasted 30 minutes.
  • They were short, but allowed enough time for an introduction to the partner and their capabilities.

Step 3: Follow-ups

  • Although the initial meeting was short, the relationship continues afterwards.

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