Omnium Return

Omnium Return delivers a more complete view of the commercial potential of assets, covering all phases of clinical development. With 8 times more coverage than consensus models, it provides a credible and comprehensive assessment of product potential that is 21% more accurate in predicting the commercial return of Phase I assets.*

*When compared to calculations based on industry average benchmarks.

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Predicted peak sales

An independent and balanced view of asset potential that leverages machine learning to provide systematic, comprehensive coverage across of all phases of the clinical pipeline, while more accurately predicting the value of R&D assets:

  • USA peak sales predictions for all products and indications in development
  • Extrapolation of USA sales to Rest of World – giving a global view
  • Indication benchmarks to put peak predictions in market context

Market dynamics

Provides time-to-peak analysis that enables better assessment of market impact and helps inform product launch planning:

  • USA time to peak benchmarks by indication
  • Market exclusivity impact and expiry
  • Time-to-peak values for historically launched products
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Key pricing data to streamline research and inform pricing strategies, including consolidated USA pack pricing for approved products, current cost-per-patient values for launched products and benchmarks for annual cost-per-patient by indication and technology.

Market access

Unique data that identifies the current market access position for products launched in the USA, with benchmarks that help assess the implications and opportunities for products in development.

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Unmet Needs

Quantifies and standardises the degree of unmet need within an indication, so you can rank or compare indications to better focus portfolio investments on areas with the greatest impact to patients.


Data and features available in Omnium Return

Success Rates

Development Timelines

R&D Costs

Clinical Trials

Predictive Clinical Trial Design

Clinical Outcomes

Calendar of Events

NPV (Net Present Value) Analyzer

NPV by Indication

Predicted Peak Sales

Market Dynamics


Market Access

Unmet Needs

Risk-Adjusted Peak Sales

Side-by-Side Comparisons

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Evaluate Omnium

Bringing together risk and return for a complete, combined view

Evaluate Omnium gives you a full view of the market, including access to both Omnium Risk and Omnium Return modules that when combined deliver exclusive analytics to provide unique insight on product potential.