Omnium Risk

Omnium Risk uses dynamic and predictive modelling to deliver critical data and insights on product risk, so you can predict the likelihood of success for Phase I assets 4 times more accurately than existing risk models. Additionally, it allows you to project R&D costs and time to market in more detail than ever before.


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Success rates

Identifies which in-house and competitor drugs are most likely to reach the market. Proprietary algorithms, powered by machine learning, enable comparisons across products and indications to better balance portfolio risk:

  • Product Specific Probability of Technical and Regulatory Success (PTRS)
  • Fully transparent risk audits
  • Success rate benchmarks

Development timelines

Predicts when key development milestones will occur, enabling comparison of progress against competitors and highlighting products with first-in-class potential:

  • Time-in-phase predictions
  • Recruitment timeline benchmarks
  • Launch date predictions
  • Market entry order predictions
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R&D costs

Provides the industry’s first comprehensive clinical trial costing model, applying real-world data to over 50,000 trials, which allows for a better assessment of likely costs across the development cycle:

  • Estimated, product-level trial costs for past and current clinical trials
  • Future R&D cost predictions by product and phase
  • Industry benchmarks by indication

Clinical outcomes

Focused on the indication-specific endpoints most likely to lead to regulatory approval. Updated daily, it aggregates and standardises trial outcomes for indications and products.

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Clinical trials

Tracks and integrates clinical trials from three key industry sources alongside key commercial insights, so you can fully understand company development plans and pipelines.

Predictive clinical trial design

Predicts the future patient enrolment needed to successfully complete clinical development, alongside historical benchmarks by phase and indication

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Calendar of events

Identifies and tracks critical product lifecycle and company events, such as trial initiations, regulatory decisions and financial results, so key market catalysts or competitor activities can be efficiently monitored.


Data and features available in Omnium Risk

Success Rates

Development Timelines

R&D Costs

Clinical Trials

Predictive Clinical Trial Design

Clinical Outcomes

Calendar of Events

NPV (Net Present Value) Analyzer

NPV by Indication

Predicted Peak Sales

Market Dynamics


Market Access

Unmet Needs

Risk-Adjusted Peak Sales

Side-by-Side Comparisons

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Bringing together risk and return for a complete, combined view

Evaluate Omnium gives you a full view of the market, including access to both Omnium Risk and Omnium Return modules that when combined deliver exclusive analytics to provide unique insight on product potential.