Customer Testimonials

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Read what our clients have to say about how working with Evaluate gives them the time and understanding to drive better decisions. 

For over 20 years, Evaluate has been a trusted partner, helping our clients to refine and transform their understanding of the past, present and future of the global pharmaceutical market.  When you partner with Evaluate, our constantly expanding solutions and our transparent methodologies and datasets are instantly at your disposal, along with personalised support.

Andrew Black at Novartis discusses his experience working with Evaluate:

"I've been using Evaluate Pharma for about 10 years... Evaluate utilizes a very rich set of data that allows us to draw a lot of commercial insights. They do a great job of being transparent, which really enables us and our senior management to trust Evaluate as a valuable source of information."

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Evaluate is not a package I can do without... It's an absolute timesaver, and if you're saving time you're saving money. I'd absolutely recommend Evaluate within Novartis and externally, although I'd prefer our competitors didn't know about you!

Anthony M., Senior Director, Competitive Intelligence & Prospection, Novartis

Evaluate is such an important resource for us; it makes all of our lives easier. Finding the information we need in ten minutes in Evaluate, rather than spending 24 - 48 hours manually searching, gives us the time to get more creative and run a lot of different screens for our clients. It makes a meaningful difference for our clients when we can increase the quantity and quality of options we show them.

Vishwas S, Vice President, Bank of America

From an overview of the broader market to a detailed product or company analysis, Evaluate helps take our clients from exploration to full understanding as quickly and accurately as possible. 

Evaluate’s custom reporting tools, along with the breadth and depth of their data, make it easy to answer the enormous number of questions I get from clients or colleagues. The power, flexibility and efficiency of the reporting means that I am almost always able to get the answer or direction I need.

Partner, Top Ten Consultancy

Many of Genentech's products have multiple indications, so having granularity beyond total product sales is key. Evaluate's Sales by Indication gives us unique insight into what is driving sales or growth of a product, and saves us significant time when compared to what it would take to calculate this manually.

Marketing Science Manager, Genentech

Our transparent aggregation of commercial information from multiple sources, along with personalised reporting options, allows our clients to make the connections they need for improved understanding.

I use Evaluate Pharma because it provides depth and breadth, and allows quick and easy single source access.

Cornelius K, Business Consultant, BD&L Pharmaceuticals, Bayer

Evaluate’s extensive data classifications make it a powerful and optimal tool for anyone to easily access information. It contains a detailed search and many of its reports can be personally customised, which makes the platform very user-friendly.

Motomu Himori, Specialist, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We partner with our clients to understand their business objectives, delivering trusted data and expert support so they can make recommendations and decisions with confidence.

Evaluate gives us more confidence in our decisions – I’d be loath to go to our leadership team with therapeutic area or target recommendations without the information it provides us.

Nathan D, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Rubius Therapeutics

My Evaluate team is always extremely responsive and accommodating – helping me understand how to best utilize the plethora of data available. I will continue to be a big fan of the services Evaluate provides.

Anil V, Principal, Arina Life Sciences Consulting