Evaluate Omnium

Transform your confidence levels 

Evaluate Omnium is the first and only solution on the market that provides a complete, dynamic view of development risk and commercial return across all phases of the clinical lifecycle.

By providing unparalleled insight into drug portfolio potential at a product-specific level across the full clinical lifecycle, Evaluate Omnium gives you invaluable access to a comprehensive suite of data, functionality and analytics for the first time ever in the market. This delivers significantly more accurate risk and return forecasts.

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More coverage. More accuracy. More confidence.

  • Get industrial scale assessment of individual drug potential
  • Access unique coverage for early-stage and privately held assets
  • Discover peak sales models that cover 8 times more of the market than consensus models
  • Benefit from 4 times greater accuracy when predicting which Phase I drugs will reach the market
  • Predict the commercial returns of Phase I drugs with 21% greater accuracy

Risk-adjusted peak sales

Combining the improved accuracy of our Product Specific PTRS and Predicted Peak Sales analytics to provide a single metric for forecasting the commercial potential of pharma assets across all phases of clinical development.

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Interactive NPV analyzer

A standardised and systematic approach to calculating a product’s Net Present Value (NPV), based on discounted cash flow models to 2040 for over 6,000 products. Interactive and fully transparent, you can easily edit key assumptions to create custom models tailored to specific requirements.

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Side-by-side comparisons

Unique visualisations that combine our risk and return data in a single platform for quick, efficient side-by-side comparisons, based on consistent, proven methodologies.


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Data and features available in Evaluate Omnium

Success Rates

Development Timelines

R&D Costs

Clinical Trials

Predictive Clinical Trial Design

Clinical Outcomes

Calendar of Events

NPV (Net Present Value) Analyzer

Predicted Peak Sales

Market Dynamics


Market Access

Unmet Needs

Risk-Adjusted Peak Sales

Side-by-Side Comparisons

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Risk and return combined

Evaluate Omnium’s proprietary functionality and analytics, many of which are brand new to the market, cover the full product lifecycle. By bringing together the full depth and breadth of Evaluate’s unrivalled risk and return data in a single product, Evaluate Omnium provides a more accurate, impartial and timely view of pharma asset potential.