EvaluatePharma Vision

The only single view of the risk and return of the R&D landscape

EvaluatePharma Vision builds on EvaluatePharma to transform the way you analyse risk in drug development. Combining proprietary R&D analytics, an NPV valuation platform, a calendar of market catalysts and our market leading consensus forecasts, it provides you with the data you need to make confident strategic portfolio decisions. 

Our R&D analytics include success rates - featuring the only transparent product-specific probability of technical and regulatory success model, predictive timelines, clinical trial outcomes, first-in-class rankings and a unique view of R&D costs.

Full transparency and consistent methodologies on all analytics give you the confidence to make investment decisions quickly, with less risk and lower cost.

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More speed. Less risk. Lower cost.

  • Identify risk and evaluate potential assets earlier in the screening process. 
  • Present a comprehensive competitive landscape for faster, more effective decision-making. 
  • Benchmark your company’s R&D performance against your competitors. 
  • Evaluate and prioritise your R&D portfolio with unbiased risk/return metrics.

Success Rates

The only transparent Product Specific probability of technical and regulatory success (PTRS) model. Shown alongside industry, indication, mechanism of action and technology benchmarks, our product-specific PTRS model analyses over 30,000 historical phase transitions to understand the predictive power of 50+ attributes to deliver insight into the risk profiles of an individual product.

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Fragmented World

R&D Costs

The industry’s first comprehensive clinical trial costing model, with over 50,000 trials costed: view costs at a trial, drug or indication level. Fully
transparent R&D cost benchmarks by indication and phase.


Our consistent proprietary methodology helps to predict US and EU approval dates for all NMEs in clinical development, even early-stage assets not covered by brokers. Includes time-in-phase benchmarks for 840+ indications, with a fully transparent audit of how these are calculated for each phase. 

Past Present Future
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Aggregated and standardised trial outcomes for indications and products updated daily. Information from multiple sources, combined to produce proprietary endpoint analysis focused on the four indication-specific endpoints most likely to lead to regulatory approval.

Clinical Trials

Track and analyse clinical trials in the commercial context with ClinicalTrials.gov, EudraCT and a Japan clinical trials data source aggregated, standardised and integrated.

Calendar of Events

Identify and track future critical events and market catalysts for product lifecycles. Track key events, including Phase II and III trial initiation, completion and results, financial results, product filings and approvals, and expected generic competition.

Interactive NPV Analyzer

Access NPV discounted cash flow models for over 5,500 products. Interactive, fully transparent models let you edit key assumptions – annual and peak sales, patent expiry date, cost of capital and tax rate – to create a custom model.


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EvaluatePharma Vision is one of the most robust offerings for commercial sales data, probability of success and time-in-phase data in a single platform. We recently completed an R&D forecasting project and couldn’t have done the work without it.

Matthew C, Director, R&D Strategy and Operations, Gilead

EvaluatePharma Vision is outstanding. The amount of information they make available is amazing, and I have really come to understand the benefit of using it over competing products.