Pharmaceutical Data Feeds

Pharmaceutical Data Feeds

If you are a regular user of pharma and biotech data looking to augment or drill down on particular datasets within the Evaluate portfolio to empower your strategic decision making, then our data feed products can save you time and effort.

What are data feeds? Evaluate provides a range of off-the-shelf forecast, trial and key event data feeds to integrate into your data warehouse and internal workflows, generating both enhanced value and improved efficiency by giving you precisely the data you need in the way that you need it, as frequently as you want it.

These data feeds bring vital insight to help in the monitoring of key changes and industry trends for common tasks such as market sizing, company profiling, competitive assessments, peer comparisons, forecasting, benchmarking, asset valuations, appraisals and deal negotiation.

How do I get data feeds? Choose from our ready-to-go selection of data feeds or select your own custom set of data. Evaluate will work in collaborative partnership through our Consulting and Analytics team to maximise the value of our data and ensure actionable outcomes. Our team works with you to ensure the approach and outcomes are fit for purpose and designed to your specific needs. Whatever your choice, we’ll ensure the data you need is delivered in the way that you need, when you need it.

We provide you with programmatic access to machine readable and database-friendly Evaluate data that can be integrated into CRM systems, analytics dashboards and other applications. There’s no more need to manually download and update your data. This also enables you to combine Evaluate data with other internal and external data ensuring that you find that vital insight that substantiates all your key commercial decisions.

Your Flexible Options

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Off-the-shelf data feeds:

Powerful curated summaries of our data:
  • Formats: csv, xls
  • Frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Destinations: sFTP server, Amazon S3
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Custom data feeds:

Evaluate can support additional data supply approaches including:
  • Custom field lists
  • Alternative file formats (e.g. JSON, Parquet, Avro)
  • Alternative delivery destinations

Available Data Feeds from Evaluate Consulting and Analytics


Product attributes: product records with descriptive information including: ownership, development phase, MoA, technology, and other classifications.

Core pipeline and marketed pharmaceutical product data providing insight into R&D pipelines, company portfolios, and competitive landscapes helping to make better asset screening, forecasting, modelling and investment decisions

Product historical sales: historical sales figures associated with pharmaceutical products in the USA and worldwide.

Understand historical sales performance of a product, sales trends for key segments, and market evolution enabling you to get a more holistic picture of changes over time

Product consensus sales forecasts: Evaluate’s exclusive consensus forecasts out to 2028, provided at a product level.

Assess the predicted future evolution of the market, sales potential for key products, and inform market sizing to ensure you deliver maximum return on investment.

Product sales by indication: Evaluate’s exclusive consensus forecasts out to 2028, provided at an indication level.

Deeper insights into market evolution and product sales potential by specific labelled or investigatory indication.

Product predictive metrics: unique predictive insights into the risk/reward and return on investment profiles of specific pharmaceutical products.

Powerful insights into pharmaceutical ROI at the product and indication level, including product-specific success rates, anticipated future development timelines, and predicted peak sales in the USA.

Company profiles: standardised descriptions of both public and private pharmaceutical companies, including unique company pipeline metrics and ratios.

Consistent company profiles including name, address, and company classification, alongside portfolio insights including pipeline counts by phase/therapy area, and analysis of sales concentration, risk, and age profile.

Company financials: reported historical and consensus forecast figures for key company financial metrics and ratios.

Understand the historical and forecast future performance of a company including key P&L and balance sheet items (such as revenue, R&D spend), coupled with Evaluate exclusive segment and therapy area sales breakdowns.

Company venture financing: venture financing records associated with specific pharmaceutical companies.

Insight into fundraising efforts and funding status of pharmaceutical companies (including private companies), and into activities of specific venture financing firms.

Product ownership and deals: licensing, acquisition, and partnership deals associated with pharmaceutical products.

Understand ownership and market sales rights for pharmaceutical products, including proportion of sales booked in key territories by company, and profiles of deals signed including deal types and terms.

Clinical trials: clinical trial records enhanced with primary drug mapping and high level clinical outcome summaries.

Assess ongoing clinical trial activity by indication and other factors, augmented with clinical outcome summaries (interim and final readouts) and with clean mapping to primary pharmaceutical products.

Press releases and Vantage commentary: press releases and award-winning Vantage commentary enhanced with proprietary tags.

Stay up to date with industry developments and benefit from insightful analysis and commentary from the Evaluate Vantage team.

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