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Your Tech-Enabled Partner in Competitive Intelligence

Strategic competitive intelligence (CI) in the pharma industry is a crucial but time consuming and complex task. Tracking R&D and marketed products across multiple indications, monitoring competing companies and assets, and identifying gaps in the market require a combination of data, intelligence, insight and therapy area expertise. Evaluate’s CI practice provides you with a technology-enabled extension of your team to ensure your team are free to focus on the areas that will achieve your strategic goals.
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Customised Competitive Intelligence to Meet Your Needs

Evaluate’s CI practice delivers more than data. As your CI needs evolve, our tech-enabled consulting team adapts to provide the coverage, analysis and strategic insights tailored to your goals. Our consultants and analysts have deep domain expertise, providing everything from continuous monitoring of your space, to deep dives, conference coverage, and strategic workshops to answer bespoke questions. As part of Norstella, Evaluate’s CI experts draw on a huge range of industry-leading databases, detailed secondary research with strategic primary research to answer bespoke questions.

How we help

Expert-Driven CI Insights

Our team of 70+ consultants and analysts are experienced in a wide range of therapy areas – from oncology to vaccines to cell and gene therapies and beyond. Their expertise ensures we provide you with timely, accurate and actionable insights, supported by comprehensive data from across the wider Norstella group.

Tech-enabled Solutions

Our customisable, tech-enabled analytics combine key CI data points to release CI teams from the burden of manual reporting. We provide best in class insights based on the most robust data sets – overlaid with domain expertise from our consultants.

Collaborative Partnership Model

As your needs evolve, our team is on-hand to expand coverage, develop customised visualisations and deliver strategic insights that answer the questions that keep your executives awake at night. Never prescriptive, we work to meet you where you are – providing an outside perspective on your market, to strengthen your strategic decision-making.

How Evaluate Supports Your Success

The answer to CI challenges almost always seems to be more data – but interrogating that data to seek answers takes your time away from more valuable activities. Our competitive intelligence practice is more than just another database to dig into. It is an extension of your CI team, here to provide long-term, ongoing support and ad-hoc strategic input to key projects when you need it.


Uncover new opportunities for your business to address unmet need


Tap into our experts who provide tailored analysis and opinion to help you perform accurate asset valuation, quantify market opportunities, and assess the competitive environment.


Combine real-world data with granular insights and forecasts at the company, drug and indication levels.

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