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Driving Powerful Decision Making

Real-world data (RWD) is a game changer when it comes to understanding how healthcare operates in reality. Medical and pharmacy claims, lab tests and results, electronic health records, and clinical pathways combine to provide an incredibly granular glimpse into the patient journey.
From diagnoses to drugs, procedures to test results, and the care provided by their HCPs, real-world data provides insights that can drive patient-focused strategies.

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But how do you make sense of this wealth of data?

Interpreting this deluge of data can be a challenge. Partnering with Evaluate ensures you not only integrate real-world data sets but can link it to our world-class forecasting, market sizing and competitive intelligence expertise, to provide an exceptional level of coverage and clarity.

How we help

Patient Population & Segmentation

A clear understanding of your target population is critical. Adding RWD to your epidemiology data means you can establish who your patients are, how many there are and their real experiences of treatment.

Drug Utilisation, Forecasting & Market Share

How much of the market is your brand really capturing? Understand the reality of your competitive environment and find out how the true market opportunity may differ from forecasts.

Patient Journey & Treatment Analysis

The true patient journey gives a critical view into exactly how your therapy – and competing therapies – are used. Get a clear view into how patients are monitored and treated and the unmet need that still exists.

Why Evaluate?

Our expertise lies in helping you answer strategic commercial questions. Whether you are seeking insights into market trends, competitor intelligence, or forecasting, we have the data and advanced analytics capabilities to provide the insights you need. Evaluate’s real-world data solutions provide unparalleled insight into the true patient experience. By working with us, you can:


Uncover new opportunities for your business to address unmet need


Tap into our experts who provide tailored analysis and opinion to help you perform accurate asset valuation, quantify market opportunities, and assess the competitive environment.


Combine real-world data with granular insights and forecasts at the company, drug and indication levels.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get started.

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