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A Digital Health Innovation Report by Galen Growth, powered by HealthTech Alpha

As part of Evaluate’s partnership with Galen Growth, we bring you their latest report on Digital Health Innovation in US Health Systems, built using data from HealthTech Alpha.

In the vast and complex US healthcare system, it’s challenging for all types of healthcare companies to gain access and secure payer coverage. These stumbling blocks, along with others such as staff shortages and outdated processes, create a significant opportunity for digital innovation.

Leading Health Systems are driving this innovation through accelerators and partnerships, merging disruptive technologies with healthcare operations. However, funding remains scarce, and Health Systems will not invest in solutions without clear, evidence-based results from potential partners.

This report contains a great deal to unpack, including a detailed analysis on large portfolios held by Health Systems, key investment focus areas, the evolution of partnerships over the past four years and more.


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