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Evaluating Radiopharmaceuticals

Radiopharmaceuticals have lit up – possibly even sparking more interest than antibody-drug conjugates, which have seen significant M&A activity in recent months.

Strong data from Novartis’ oncology treatments, Lutathera and Pluvicto, coupled with developers’ pursuit of an alternative modality that offers “pan-cancer” potential, have driven multibillion-dollar acquisitions in the past six months, a $350m IPO, and a surge in venture capital investments. Developers large and small are scurrying to buy or build better versions of Novartis’ duo and test them across a wider range of cancers.

In this eBook, we explore the latest science, dealmaking, and commercial opportunities in the radiopharmaceutical landscape, highlighting some of its most intriguing players.


  • Radiopharmaceuticals: What’s the appeal?
  • The next wave: Ones to watch
  • Alpha radiation: the next frontier?
  • Small molecules: What’s their role?
  • Key players in the field: How do they stack up?


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