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Galen Growth Health Index

As part of our partnership with Digital Health experts, Galen Growth, we are pleased to bring you the third annual edition of the Pharmaceutical Digital Health Innovation Index. This report indexes the most active biopharma companies in the global Digital Health space.

2023 was a challenging year across the Digital Health sector, but it is heartening to see the level of commitment and investment that some of the largest players in the biopharma industry are putting into this area. Many of the top pharma players are facing significant revenue falls for long-standing drugs as patent expiries loom, and while their R&D drug pipeline remains their primary focus, the opportunities presented by digital technology innovation provides another way to make up the shortfall.

Download this report to explore a snapshot of the current landscape, with a view of which companies are strategically best placed to thrive in the Digital Health arena and which have the most establish portfolios.



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