Biopharma 2022: What's Next?

After getting off to a pretty dismal start, what does the rest of the year hold for the biopharma market?

In this webinar, we elaborate on the key findings of Evaluate Vantage’s 2022 Preview Report and answer some of the key questions the market is asking now the year is in full swing. 

We discuss: 

           •  What is the latest outlook for Covid-19 products? 

           •  What are the R&D projects and approvals to watch out for this year? 

           •  Is there any end in sight to the US biotech bear market?   

           •  How are the forces shaping the deal making landscape shifting? 



    Amy Brown


       Amy Brown 
       Deputy Editor 
       Evaluate Vantage


    Cem Baydar


       Cem Baydar, Ph.D 
       Chief Consulting Officer 

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    Biopharma 2022: What's Next?
    Webinar Slides

    To revisit the data or review some of the key themes discussed, please download the webinar slides.