Orphan Drugs - A flattening curve?

Are orphan drugs approaching their peak? View our market snapshot

Orphan drugs are the fastest-growing segment of the pharma industry and dominate FDA approvals. They will continue to play a significant role in the future. By 2028, the top ten orphans will be worth $64 billion globally. At this point, orphans will make up almost a fifth of all non-generic prescription drug sales.

Despite their rapid growth, are there signs of this momentum slowing down towards the end of the decade? This webinar explores the headwinds that could impact the sector, such as the IRA and commercial pressures, as well as the influence of R&D success across big diseases.

Featuring Melanie Senior, the author of Evaluate's Orphan Drugs report, Jeremy M. Levin, CEO of Ovid Therapeutics, and Andreas Hadjivasiliou, Managing Analyst at Evaluate, this discussion covered:

•    The potential impact of the IRA on rare diseases and orphan drugs
•    The size of the orphan drug market and key areas of growth
•    Key players in the market
•    The state of the orphan drug pipeline 

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