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The New Report is Out: Are Orphan Drugs Losing their Sparkle?

Over the last decade, orphan drugs have consistently outpaced their non-orphan counterparts in growth. They’ve doubled their market share in global prescription drug sales, climbing from less than 10% in 2014 to nearly 20% today. This year, they’re on track to generate an impressive $185 billion and are projected to hit around $270 billion by 2028.

But the gloss is wearing off and the growth advantage for orphan drugs is starting to narrow. Although orphan drug sales have increased by nearly 11% annually up to 2023, this rate is expected to just scrape double digits through the rest of this decade.

Still, the market for niche products remains strong. The ten most valuable orphan drugs are set to generate over $57 billion in total by 2028. But it’s worth noting that the Inflation Reduction Act and other potential regulatory shifts could impact the landscape.

This report explores the leading players, key pipeline drugs and the current state of the orphan drug market, offering insights into where things are heading.


  • The growth gap is closing: What’s behind the shift?
  • Top 10 turmoil: Who’s climbing and who’s crashing?
  • IRA impact: A new future for the orphan market?
  • Up next: Who’s dominating the pipeline?
  • Therapy area showdown: Is oncology losing its lead?


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