As part of Evaluate’s partnership with Galen Growth, we are delighted to bring you this report on the importance of clinical evidence
within the digital healthcare space.

While digital healthcare may be a younger part of the market compared to biopharma and more traditional forms of medtech, digital is quickly following a similar
path. In recent years, biopharma has seen its share of bubbles across a range of mechanisms of action and therapy areas. While the next big thing might generate
much excitement – and initial investment – there comes a time when reality bites, and investors start demanding hard proof of efficacy.

The team at Galen Growth has investigated this trend, one that is being accelerated by the changing regulatory landscape for digital health tools, and published
this report with their findings. The bottom line is that investment requires clinical evidence. The funding boom is over, and those companies that try to scale
based on a great idea, a vision and a charismatic pitch are going to get left behind.

Enough from us. Read on to learn what the team at Galen Growth has uncovered.