The pharmaceutical sector is entering new and unfamiliar territory. Key assumptions, such as the unrivalled profitability of the US market and the reliance on large M&A to spur growth, are getting a serious shake-up. 

From the FDA's shifting temperament and the ripple effects of the IRA, commercial disruptions, dealmaking ambiguities and breakthroughs in R&D, we've identified five critical forces that are converging to reshape the pharma and biotech landscape. 

Explore the Evaluate World Preview 2023 now for an in-depth analysis of the landscape out to 2028 – and answers to the questions that everyone in the industry is asking.   


Regulatory: How is the FDA's mood affecting the pharma sector?
Legislative: What influence will the IRA exert?
Commercial: What shifts are we seeing with payers and access?
Dealmaking: What actions can we expect next from the FTC?
R&D: Which new mechanisms are proving most effective?