EP Vantage 2018 Preview


Report Highlights

  • M&A activity expected to climb after slow 2017 – US tax reform a deciding factor for big deals
  • Another big year predicted for venture financing as crossover funds return
  • IPO window expected to remain firmly open
  • Gilead’s new HIV triplet is the biggest potential new drug launch of 2018, with 2022 sales seen reaching $5bn

An uptick in M&A activity and investor cash is expected to re-invigorate Pharma and Biotech in 2018.

The upward momentum seen in the pharma and biotech sectors during 2017 looks set to continue into 2018, with more novel medicines set to hit the market and investor support for the industry remaining strong.

The current business friendly stance at the FDA is unlikely to change next year, while M&A could see an uptick, driven by big pharma and big biotech’s need to re-stock pipelines and US tax reforms.  

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