Evaluate Vantage COVID-19 Report


Biopharma and Medtech are leading the fight against COVID-19, but are not immune from the significant economic impact of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on global health and economies, so the biopharma and medtech sectors are under pressure to produce solutions at record speed.

The new Evaluate Vantage COVID-19 Report examines the progress so far, to identify which treatments and vaccines are of most interest in the fight against the virus.

The report also examines the wider effect the pandemic is having on the sector, including share price declines, the potential financial implications of disruption and the cost of delays, as well as the deals being triggered by the crisis.

Download your copy of the Evaluate Vantage COVID-19 Report to understand:

  • Biopharma and medtech’s response: find out where development of investigational assets stands, including the leading clinical trials of vaccines and potential treatments, as well as the logic behind the various approaches
  • The impact on biopharma: discover which new deals and collaborations have been forged in response to the pandemic, as well as the damage to share prices, clinical trial delays and the potential blockbuster drugs that may be under threat
  • Historical precedents: examine sales of previous antivirals and pandemic vaccines to understand the potential of COVID-19 treatments, as well as the estimated costs of their development and which vaccine producers have the infrastructure to meet global demand



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