Vantage 2019 Preview


2019 expected to be volatile year for pharma and biotech industries

The Vantage 2019 Preview looks at the risks and opportunities for the year ahead.

Report Highlights

  • Venture capital and IPO markets are expected to retrench
  • The US FDA is expected to remain business friendly, but political gridlock may hinder pricing legislation
  • Alexion’s ALXN1210 is 2019’s most lucrative potential approval, with an NPV of $10.9bn

Following a sharp downturn in late 2018, the Pharma and Biotech sectors are entering 2019 in a state of uncertainty.

Investors are nervous, so are likely to become more cautious and selective in their choices. The potential upside of this could be a rallying M&A market as valuations drop, but data-led proof could be the key to attracting financing.

Expectations around immuno-oncology have been tempered due to some recent failures, however, cell and gene therapies remain popular with investors. 

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