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Pharma’s Biggest Spenders 2022 Infographic

As several of the big 11 pharma companies dialled back on acquisitions, the collective bill for M&A and R&D activities among this cohort took a dip for the second consecutive year in 2022, even as Pfizer marched on with its spending spree. Their collective expenditure – $157 billion – might be the smallest since 2018, but it's still a…

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Infographic: Evaluate Vantage 2022 Preview

Leading up to the publication of the Evaluate Vantage 2022 Preview, we created this Infographic to provide a snapshot of the products and companies that are driving top…


Evaluate Vantage 2022 Preview Report

Covid-19 will still be a front-page story in 2022, keeping the biopharma sector in the spotlight. The attention will bring some benefits, largely in the shape of broad…


Biopharma Quarterly Round Up (Q3 2021)

This article pack, produced by the editorial team at Evaluate Vantage, explores the key developments and decisions that are impacting the biopharma landscape. Access…


Covid Round Up (2021)

The biopharma and medtech sectors have been racing to deliver treatments, vaccines and other solutions to Covid-19 for close to two years now. What progress has been made…


2021 IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer

The year-end oncology congress season kicked off with the annual IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer. While it took place in virtual format from September 8-14, this…