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World Preview 2023: Pharma's Age of Uncertainty

The pharmaceutical sector is entering new and unfamiliar territory. Key assumptions, such as the unrivalled profitability of the US market and the reliance on large M&A to spur growth, are getting a serious shake-up.  From the FDA's shifting temperament and the ripple effects of the IRA, commercial disruptions, dealmaking ambiguities and…

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Evaluate Vantage 2021 Preview

Biopharma’s role in trying to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end has made household names of companies large and small, and cutting-edge technologies like mRNA…


Evaluate Vantage COVID-19 Report

Biopharma and Medtech are leading the fight against COVID-19, but are not immune from the significant economic impact of the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is having a…


Evaluate Pharma Orphan Drug Report 2020

What will the orphan drug landscape look like in 2024? Big pharma's recent dominance of the orphan market has fuelled calls to reform the orphan drug act in the US.…


Evaluate Vantage 2020 Preview

The Evaluate Vantage 2020 Preview predicts a rocky year ahead, with areas of significant growth contrasting with investor uncertainty. The industry closed 2019 with a…