Evaluate Vantage 2023 Preview: free to download now

After a tough time for many in biopharma, what does 2023 hold for the sector? Find out in our preview of the year ahead.

This year has brought little respite to beaten-up biopharma companies. There are some hopes for an improvement in conditions in 2023, though few are expecting a dramatic recovery. With this backdrop, Evaluate Vantage’s new report seeks to lay out the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves in the months ahead.

Our preview details the drugs and companies set to drive the industry’s top line, as well as the biggest potential launches and R&D projects to watch. For the first time, our report includes the opinions of 150 industry experts who answered our poll on the outlook for the markets, IPOs and M&A. Horizon has already fallen to Amgen, but which other developers are considered prime takeout targets?

New analyses of 2022 data are also included, to set the context of what might lie in store for the venture capital world, regulatory approvals and more. Key insights include:

  • Merck & Co’s Keytruda is set to be 2023’s biggest selling drug, with almost $3bn in new sales forecast for the anti-cancer checkpoint inhibitor.
  • Sales of pandemic products will make Pfizer the biggest drug company on prescription sales, while Novo Nordisk wins on top-line growth.
  • Eisai’s Alzheimer’s disease MAb lecanemab, partnered with Biogen, is 2023’s biggest potential launch.
  • Daichii Sankyo’s anti-Trop-2 antibody-drug conjugate, datopotamab deruxtecan, partnered with Astrazeneca, is biopharma’s most highly valued R&D project: all eyes are on phase 3 data due in the first half of 2023.
  • Evaluate Omnium predicts a return to 50+ novel drug approvals from the FDA for 2023.

For these insights and more, download your free copy here: Evaluate Vantage 2023 Preview

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