Ash 2020 roundup

Evaluate Vantage's coverage of the virtual Ash 2020 congress.

December 9

Ash 2020 movers – shorts roasting on an open fire

IGM’s snowballing share price belies some other major Ash winners, and will make Christmas unhappy for funds who had shorted the stock.


December 8

Ash 2020 – hints of durability emerge for Uniqure's gene therapy

And bleeds seen with the “transformative” project were played down.


December 7

Ash 2020 – durability worries hit Sangamo and Pfizer’s haemophilia A gene therapy

Waning factor VIII levels with giroctocogene fitelparvovec once again raise the spectre of Biomarin’s valrox.

Ash 2020 – Forma gets an early edge over Agios in sickle cell disease

And both companies’ pyruvate kinase R activators could have Global Blood looking over its shoulder, though pain crises sow doubts.

Ash 2020 – IGM averts disaster, but competition looms

Sellside firefighting has saved the day for IGM, but Ash hears of some pretty potent anti-CD20 competition for the company.

Ash 2020 – UK biotech's hollow victory

Results with Loxo-305 could justify Lilly’s acquisition of Loxo, but its inventor, the UK’s Redx, can just read ‘em and weep.


December 6

Ash 2020 – multiple myeloma goes beyond BCMA

While projects against BCMA abound, two little-known multiple myeloma targets make bids for attention at Ash.


December 5

Ash 2020 – efficacy and deaths mark the Car-T multiple myeloma race

The latest showing from Car-T players in multiple myeloma sees Johnson & Johnson beat Bluebird, but toxicity hangs over both.

Ash 2020 – Crispr gets another boost

Data in three more patients support Crispr and Vertex’s hope of developing a functional cure for beta-thalassaemia and sickle cell disease.

Ash 2020 – IGM set to become the first big casualty

The group had already fallen on its Ash abstract release, and today’s presentation offers little fresh hope.

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