Ash 2021 roundup

Evaluate Vantage's coverage of the Ash 2021 congress.

December 15

Ash 2021 movers – IGM steals the show, for all the wrong reasons

At a meeting lacking practice-changing studies and featuring many disappointments the downturn in IGM’s fortunes stands out.


December 14

Why Breyanzi and Yescarta might refresh the parts Kymriah cannot reach

Novartis will not pursue Kymriah’s use in second-line lymphoma; but have Breyanzi and Yescarta proved enough to be filed in this setting?

Sanofi takes its time with fitusiran

Sanofi reckons it has a universal haemophilia therapy on its hands – but first it needs to test a lower dose.

Polivy underwhelms, but stays ahead of Car-T


December 13

The sun sets on Kymriah, but Novartis has a plan

Novartis unveils the first clinical backing for a two-day manufacturing technique that it hopes will recharge its Car-T efforts.

Bristol reveals its sons of Revlimid

Data in multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma make Bristol optimistic about follow-ons to Revlimid and Pomalyst.

Forma takes on a second Agios drug

Now in Servier’s hands, the Agios-discovered Tibsovo could soon face competition from Forma’s olutasidenib.

Global Blood stems the bleeding

The company reports decent data with its Oxbryta follow-on, but still has much to prove.

Sangamo and Sanofi enter the sickle cell gene editing fray

SAR445136 could take on Crispr and Vertex’s CTX001, but plenty of other groups have the same idea.

Another factor fade, courtesy of Pfizer and Sangamo


December 12

Bluebird looks to revive Lentiglobin

Data in sickle cell disease look encouraging, but a filing is a way away.

Precision moves quickly to deal with allo disappointment

Like its two competitors Precision shows lack of durability with its allogeneic Car-T approach, but makes a quick move to next-gen assets.


December 11

Agios and Forma take different paths in sickle cell disease

Forma still hopes for accelerated approval of etavopivat, while Agios believes that taking its time with mitapivat will pay off.


November 23

Ash 2021 late-breakers enable neat comparisons


November 8

Ash 2021 preview – as competition grows Autolus monetises

Several cell therapy presentations will vie for attention at Ash, though today the spotlight falls on Autolus.


November 5

Ash 2021 preview – small increases and big falls

The early movers could point to a disappointing meeting.

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