Ash 2022 roundup

Evaluate Vantage's coverage of the Ash 2022 congress.

December 14

Ash 2022 movers – Glycomimetics shakes off its sickle cell past
Meanwhile, there was bad blood between cell therapy players and their investors.

Pirtobrutinib leads the post-Imbruvica charge
Lilly’s non-covalent BTK inhibitor shines yet again, blunting the impact of early data with Nurix’s BTK degrader.


December 13

Orchard gets a Sanfilippo boost
Promising but early data with OTL-201 could see the group compete against the likes of Ultragenyx and Lysogene.


December 12

Affimed feels the pain
Affimed investors find that what goes up must come down, though the stock owes only part of its fall to an Ash presentation.


December 11

Fast production fails to cure Car-T's problem
Novartis and Gracell’s two-day manufactured Cars do not solve cell therapy’s biggest bottleneck – yet.

Astra takes two shots at oral complement inhibition
Meanwhile, Roche sees reasons for optimism with its subcutaneous contender.

Toxicity still looms large for Regeneron’s bispecific
Another five treatment-related deaths, despite a dose regimen change, raise questions about whether odronextamab will be able to compete.

Following in talquetamab’s slipstream
Roche and Bristol Myers Squibb look to have the industry’s next most advanced assets against GPRC5D.

The sickle cell race hots up
Sangamo emulates Editas, while Crispr/Vertex and Bluebird add weight to their ambitions.

Syndax and Kura face off
Duelling datasets on the companies’ rival menin inhibitors show each to have weaknesses and strengths.


December 10

Talquetamab heads to the regulators
The FDA will soon rule on the approvability of the industry’s first anti-GPRC5D project, and Ash just saw the data the agency will be reviewing.

Argenx faces Vyvgart questions
As the group looks to expand into immune thrombocytopenia, there are several reasons to be cautious.

Adicet has a case of déjà vu
Investors got jittery on Friday, and for good reason: like all allogeneic cell therapy players Adicet is seeing patients relapse.

Arcellx data secure a Gilead buy-in
Gilead has licensed CART-ddBCMA as this cell therapy continues putting all patients into remission. Can it compete against Carvykti and Tecvayli?



November 23

Brukinsa has the edge over Calquence
Brukinsa’s head-to-head victory over Imbruvica is confirmed, and the Beigene BTK inhibitor looks better than Calquence too.

Novartis has Apellis in its sights
Iptacopan looks as good as Empaveli in PNH, with the added bonus of being oral.


November 10

Argenx’s expansion plans come into focus
Vyvgart gets a prestigious press slot for its next potential use, while Sangamo’s haemophilia A gene therapy mimics Biomarin’s valrox again.


November 9

Waiting for Editas
Data on the group’s sickle cell project do not feature in the regular abstracts, while Bluebird walks away from its short hairpin contender.


November 4

A new multiple myeloma mechanism makes a splash
Talquetamab gets top billing in Ash’s press programme, but the data raise important issues about the role of targeting GPRC5D.

Affimed and Aptose score
In oncology settings outside multiple myeloma investors have picked two early winners.

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