Vantage 2020 Preview – what’s in store for the biopharma sector?

Available to download for free now, our annual preview takes a data-driven look at 2020. Uncover biopharma’s biggest growth drivers, and see where the money is flowing.

Corporate strategy

Biopharma is braced for a rocky ride in 2020. Rhetoric around drug pricing is only going to increase as the US presidential election gets closer, keeping a sector already unpopular with voters under the spotlight.

While political gridlock means that US lawmakers are not expected to agree on any new measures any time soon, it is clear that the cost of medicine will remain a live issue next year. This is all likely to translate into a volatile time on the stock market.

The IPO window is not expected to completely close next year, but equity investors are probably not going to be as receptive as in 2019. Venture investors too could adopt a more prudent stance towards financings, particularly if it starts to look like their own funds will need to last longer.

Using in-depth analyses of recent M&A, IPO and venture financing activity, as well as interviews with market participants, Vantage’s 2020 Preview looks at where this activity is heading next.


Using EvaluatePharma data, this report pinpoints the sector’s biggest sales growth drivers next year, and highlights the companies that are capturing that growth. Certain mechanisms of action are projected to add billions of dollars in extra revenues in 2020, while there are surprisingly few brakes on biopharma’s top line.

No prizes for guessing that cancer drugs feature prominently here.

The report also identifies the most highly valued R&D projects, and the clinical programmes that are consuming huge amounts of money. Along with the biggest new medicines that could reach the market in 2020, these analyses describe some of the sector’s most closely tracked assets.

Readers can also take a glimpse into areas of over and under-investment – vital intelligence for companies with business development decisions to make, and for the investors that back these efforts.

The November market rally means that the biotech sector is heading towards a triumphant finish to 2019. Whether this can be maintained for much longer is now the dominant question on investors’ minds.

Download your free copy of the report here.

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