Asco 2020 starts to take shape


The biggest cancer conference of the year – this time coming via your computer screen – is four weeks away, and its contents are starting to emerge. Asco released thousands of abstract titles overnight, and Evaluate Vantage has scoured for some of the highest-profile releases. The highlight of the plenary session is likely to be the Adaura study of Astrazeneca’s lung cancer drug Tagrisso; the maintenance setting trial was stopped much earlier than expected for “overwhelming efficacy”. The Javelin Bladder 100 data on Pfizer and Merck KGaA’s also-ran PD-(L)1 checkpoint inhibitor will also be a draw: Bavencio scored a surprise hit in bladder cancer, albeit a maintenance setting, earlier this year. Also of interest will be results from the investigator-sponsored front-line multiple myeloma trial of Amgen’s Kyprolis, Endurance. The drug failed in another newly diagnosed patient study, Clarion, a few years back, albeit as part of a different combination; the fact that no topline results have been reported is probably not encouraging. Outside the plenary, data on Roche’s anti-Tigit project will attract much attention, as will sessions examining the impact of Covid-19 on patients with cancer.

Selected notable Asco presentations 
Company  Project Presentation Abstract 
Astrazeneca Tagrisso  Adaura lung cancer maintenance study*   LBA5
Pfizer, Merck KGaA Bavencio Javelin Bladder 100 phase III interim analysis* LBA1
Merck & Co Keytruda Keynote-177 study in MSI-high/MMR-deficient colorectal cancer* LBA4
Amgen  Kyprolis Endurance study in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma* LBA3
Roche  Tiragolumab  Primary analysis of phase II Cityscape study, in 1L PD-L1-selected NSCLC 9503
Lilly  Selpercatinib  Ret-fusion +ve  NSCLC 3584
Bristol-Myers Squibb  Opdivo + Yervoy + chemo Checkmate-9LA; 1L NSCLC (known to have succeeded) 9501
Astrazeneca/Daiichi Sankyo  Enhertu  Destiny-CRC01, in Her2 +ve metastatic colorectal cancer 4000
Astrazeneca/Daiichi Sankyo  Enhertu  Destiny-Gastric01, in Her2 +ve advanced gastric cancer (known to have succeeded) 4513
Astrazeneca/Daiichi Sankyo  Enhertu  Interim results from Destiny-Lung01, in patients with Her2-mutated NSCLC 9504
Merck & Co Keytruda  Keynote-355, in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (known to have succeeded) 1000
Merck & Co Keytruda  Keynote-604, in 1L extensive-stage SCLC (known to have failed) 9001
Clinical science symposium Data from the Covid-19 and Cancer Consortium (CCC19) LBA110
Clinical science symposium Impact of type of cancer therapy and Covid-19 therapy on survival LBA111
*Plenary session on Sunday May 31. Source: Asco & company statements. 

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