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While Car-T therapy has probably entered the public consciousness in the US the same cannot be said of Europe, but a 90-minute TV documentary about anticancer cell therapy, screened on the UK’s BBC2 last night, could help. “War in the Blood: A Cure for Cancer?” followed two adult ALL patients enrolled into two separate CD19-directed Car-T studies at University College London, and focused on the work of the UCL doctors Martin Pule (separately Autolus’s chief scientific officer), Emma Morris and Claire Roddie. The result was a programme that was accessible and moving, without being sentimental or glossing over scientific detail. Interestingly, one of the subjects was on a UCL study that uses donor-derived rather than autologous T cells – a concept previously tested by MD Anderson and the NCI – manufactured for administration in three repeat doses. It will not go unnoticed that sales of Car-T therapies in Europe significantly lag those in the US, though as direct-to-consumer advertising is illegal in the UK no products or companies were mentioned in yesterday’s documentary.

Selected anti-CD19 Car-T therapy revenues
    2024e sales ($m)
Product Company US Europe
Yescarta Gilead Sciences 966 321
Kymriah Novartis 654 160
Liso-cel Bristol-Myers Squibb 644 83
ALLO-501 Allogene Therapeutics 127 0
CTX110 Crispr Therapeutics 110 26
UCART19 Allogene/Cellectis/Servier 99 0
AUTO1 Autolus Therapeutics 34 35
Source: EvaluatePharma US & Europe drug forecasts.

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