Immunocore touts first solid tumour survival benefit

The next question for Immunocore is whether yesterday’s promising data with its soluble T-cell receptor project tebentafusp will allow the company to float at a decent valuation. The company claims its pivotal trial win in uveal melanoma represents the first survival benefit for any TCR therapeutic or any bispecific in a solid tumour. The IMCgp100-202 trial, which compared tebentafusp against investigator’s choice in metastatic disease, met its primary endpoint of overall survival – although the data are not yet mature, estimated one-year OS was 73% with tebentafusp versus 58% for investigator’s choice, which included Keytruda, Yervoy and dacarbazine chemo. Checkpoint inhibitors are not usually effective in this rare and agressive form of eye cancer; the median survival after metastasis is around a year. Tebentafusp comprises a soluble TCR targeting gp100, the idea being that it recruits a patient’s T cells to the cancerous cells. Immunocore’s sister company Adaptimmune is taking a more typical TCR approach, as an adoptive cell therapy, and reported phase I data last week with its Mage A4-targeting project ADP-A2M4 in synovial sarcoma.

Selected data with T-cell receptor projects in solid tumours
Project Company Study Indication Data
Tebentafusp (IMCgp100) Immunocore IMCgp100-202, NCT03070392 Uveal melanoma Nov 2020: OS HR 0.51, p<0.0001 
1-yr OS 73% tebentafusp vs 58% investigator's choice*
IMCgp100-102, NCT02570308 Asco 2018: ORR 18%, 1-yr OS 74%
ADP-A2M4 Adaptimmune ADP-A2M4, NCT03132922 Synovial sarcoma CTOS 2020: ORR 44% (7/16), median DoR 28 weeks
Lung, head & neck  Asco 2020: Response seen in 1 lung & one H&N pt
Rectal mucosal melanoma Jan 2020: confirmed PR
ADP-A2M4CD8 Adaptimmune Surpass, NCT04044859 Lung, gastroesophageal, head & neck and bladder SITC 2020: ORR 33% (2/6)
ADP-A2AFP Adaptimmune Phase I, NCT03132792 Liver cancer Aug 2020: 1 CR (9 pts treated)
*Kaplan-Meier estimate, data not yet mature. Source: Company releases,

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