Lead discontinuation is a start, but Kiadis’s problems continue

Kiadis’s move to scrap development of ATIR101 yesterday makes perfect sense given the regulatory roadblock that all three such stem cell transplant adjuncts have hit. But, even though Kiadis is moving to discontinue ATIR101’s phase III Hatcy study, it will not be able to draw a simple line under its troubles: subjects already enrolled into Hatcy must, for ethical reasons, be followed to completion. The study enrolled the first of 250 patients two years ago, and had been due to yield results in 2021. Kiadis had already bought the private NK cell therapy player Cytosen, and logically this business now becomes its key focus, with two assets, K-NK002 and K-NK003, to enter the clinic next year. But this brings up Kiadis’s next problem: with a share price off 85% year to date how does the group raise the necessary cash? Also in the doldrums is Kiadis’s peer company Bellicum, which had now effectively switched fully to Car-T work. However, its lead asset here, BPX-601, is progressing slowly, and the follow-up BPX-603 is having a hard time gaining US IND clearance.

Stem cell transplant add-ons
Company Project Status Plan B?
Molmed Zalmoxis "No further investment";  phase III TK008 study closed to new enrolment CD44v6 (Car-T), Car-NK & NGR-hTNF
Kiadis ATIR101 Terminated; phase 3 Hatcy study being wound down K-NK002 (HCST adjunct) & K-NK003 (undisclosed NK cell therapy)
Bellicum BPX-501 Partner sought, and Bellicum activities "reduced"; phase III Thrive study recruiting BPX-601 & BPX-603 (inducible Car-T)
Source: company websites.

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