Theravance looks beyond Covid-19


After the miss of one inhaled pan-Jak inhibitor in asthma last year, Theravance is now mourning the failure of another in Covid-19. The data come from a phase 2 study in 210 hospitalised patients with Covid-19-associated acute lung injury and impaired oxygenation. The 106 patients treated with TD-0903, also called nezulcitinib, for just under a month had a median 21 respiratory failure-free days during the treatment period – but so did those treated with placebo. With a p value of 0.61, the difference, such as it was, was not statistically significant. Neither did TD-0903 improve all-cause mortality (p=0.08) or hit any of other secondary endpoints. Theravance touted a post-hoc analysis of patients who had baseline C-reactive protein levels below 150mg/l, in whom there was a nominal improvement in mortality and time to recovery. The company said it would take the data to regulators, but much of the talk of future development of TD-0903 on today’s conference call was focused on non-Covid-19 indications, including acute lung injury caused by Sars, Mers, flu or parainfluenza. The sole Jak that is authorised in hospitalised Covid-19 patients remains Lilly's Olumiant – but this is oral, not inhaled. 

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