Cincor’s blood pressure win quickens investors’ pulses

Cincor has proved itself to be a rare beast in the current markets: a biotech trading significantly above its IPO price. The group’s almost 50% stock price jump yesterday came courtesy of positive results for baxdrostat from the Brightn trial in treatment-resistant hypertension. The aldosterone synthase inhibitor produced double-digit reductions in systolic blood pressure across all three trial doses, including a 20.3mmHg drop at the highest dose. On a cross-trial basis the project compares favourably with mid-stage results from Idorsia’s Johnson & Johnson-partnered aprocitentan; full pivotal data are keenly awaited on the dual endothelin antagonist. Another feather in Cincor’s cap was baxdrostat’s clean safety profile, with the asset avoiding hyperkalaemia and showing no impact on cortisol levels. Unsurprisingly, Cincor wasted no time in capitalising on its share price gain by announcing a fundraising. The company is also trying to maximise its market, and results from the phase 2 Halo trial for patients who have failed two standard of care BP drugs – a slightly less stubborn population – are expected later this year. Access to the wider primary market is unlikely given the numerous generic blood pressure products on offer, but for now the treatment resistant market is poorly served. 

Cross-trial comparison of phase 2 data on baxdrostat and aprocitentan
Project Baxdrostat (Brightn, NCT04519658) Aprocitentan (NCT02603809)
Dose  0.5mg 1mg 2mg  5mg  10mg 25mg 50mg Placebo
Decrease in systolic BP (mmHg) 12.1 17.5 20.3 10.3 15 18.5 15.1 7.7
Decrease in diastolic BP (mmHg) 8.6 11.8 14.3 6.3 9.9 12.0 10.0 4.9
Decreases in BP at 12wk for baxdrostat and 8wk for aprocitentan. Source: company releases.

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