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Custom Solutions is Evaluate’s bespoke analytics service helping clients to address unique scientific, clinical and commercial challenges.

We use robust, comprehensive and proprietary methodologies founded on our industrywide data to deliver projects that provide the most rigorous analysis and insights designed to support clients in addressing their specific requirements and challenges.

Since our inception in 2015, Custom Solutions has undertaken over 200 profiling, benchmarking, modeling, validation and verification projects for more than 100 clients across the pharmaceutical and biotech ecosystems.  Our clients range from startups to major players, as well as consultancies, investors, industry suppliers and banks.  Our clients use us to gain insight into:

• Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence
• Corporate Strategy & Franchise Planning 
• Market Expansion & Forecasting 
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• New Product Development
• Market Access 
• Pricing & Commercialization

We have a global team of 20 people on the ground in the key pharma and biotech markets of the US, Europe, and Japan with 140 years combined analytics experience with advanced degrees / PhDs in areas including Molecular Medicine, Biomedical Science, Natural Sciences, Genetics, Neuroscience, and Clinical Pharmacology.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support you, please get in touch with our Client Engagement team.



Evaluate Custom Solutions paid careful attention to our report needs, and the after-care service was excellent, so our level of satisfaction was extremely high. It was one of the best services that I have experienced so far.

Motomu Himori, Specialist, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

I really could not do my job without Evaluate data. You guys make me look good all the time.

Business Development & Licensing, Large Pharmaceutical

Our Work & Case Studies

Over the last year, 13 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies have engaged Evaluate Custom Solutions in addressing their biggest global challenges. These clients have engaged us to provide insight to help inform a range of their key objectives including: Market Analysis & Competitor Intelligence, Corporate Strategy & Franchise Planning, Market Expansion & Forecasting, Mergers & Acquisition, New Product Development, Market Access and Pricing & Commercialization.

Below are some examples of the work we have undertaken for the likes of Abbvie, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Daiichi Sankyo, Gilead, GSK, Johnson & Johnson/Janssen, Merck KGaA, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche/Chugai and Sanofi.

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Corporate Strategy Teams

An external industry perspective to complement your views on the market, competition, and your company's strategic direction.

Find out how a major global pharma gained an external perspective on market trends to support a key Executive Team strategy session.

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R&D Strategy & Portfolio Planning

Objective, data-driven insights to validate if you are making the right choices for your product portfolio.

Find out how a Japanese pharma company benchmarked the R&D productivity of peer companies for insight into potential patterns and drivers.

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Business Development & Licensing

Expedite your search and screen efforts and access robust, data-driven analysis to support opportunity assessment.

Find out how a mid-sized pharma BD&L team outsourced their search and screen efforts for a shortlist of assets with potential for licensing.

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Biotech & Small Pharma Leadership

Detailed analysis and insights to support product positioning, partnering, valuation, and strategy development.

Find out how a biotech leadership team assessed the clinical and commercial positioning of their lead asset.

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Commercial Operations, Pricing & Forecasting

Customized epidemiology research, forecast modelling, and pricing analysis to inform your product strategy and tactical planning.

Find out how a pharma commercial and finance group established a standard forecasting methodology across an entire business.

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Digital & Data Science Teams

Feed industry-leading Evaluate commercial intelligence directly into your internal tools, systems and workflows via data feeds and APIs.

Find out how a major US pharma created a live M&A target screening tool by integrating Evaluate data into a data visualization dashboard.

Our Services

Our services are designed for teams defining product and portfolio strategy and setting direction for key brands and franchises.  We provide insight into Market Analysis & Competitor Intelligence, Corporate Strategy & Franchise Planning, Market Expansion & Forecasting, Mergers & Acquisition, New Product Development, Market Access and Pricing & Commercialization. 

Leveraging a foundation of extensive Evaluate data augmented with further secondary research, modelling, and analysis, our solutions are data-driven and insight-focused.  We also conduct targeted primary research with Key Opinion Leaders, Healthcare Professionals and Payers to validate our assumptions and test our hypotheses.  

Below we have provided an overview of our services and how they apply to the life stages of companies / products. Please click on the “+” to find out more.  If there is something that is not listed here please contact us so we can work with you to get you the insights you need.

Discovery & Preclinical
Early Clinical Development (P1-P2a)
Late Clinical Development (P2b-P3)

Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence

High impact, forward-looking insight into market trends and the drivers fuelling the growth of the industry, providing outside-in perspectives on market evolution and your company’s positioning in the landscape.

Industry trend & growth driver analysis

Productivity & return on investment benchmarking

Indication landscape & evolution analysis

Competitor strategy profiling

Competitive landscape evolution and outlook

Epidemiology Modelling & Systematic Literature Review

Rigorous research and analysis to construct fully customised and focused fit-for-purpose epidemiology models, designed to underpin market sizing, opportunity assessment, product targeting, and product value measurement.

Burden of illness & incidence/prevalence studies

Global/regional/country-specific patient segmentation modelling

Standard of care & treatment paradigm definition

Clinical outcomes & treatment pattern studies

Market sizing & unmet need identification

Oncology patient dynamic flow modelling

Rare disease epidemiology

Opportunity Identification & Quantification

Robust comparative assessments leveraging unique Evaluate metrics and incorporating scientific, clinical, and commercial drivers, providing insights to guide informed portfolio strategy and prioritisation decision making.

Market profiling & segment analysis

Indication sizing, scoring & prioritisation

Competitive intensity analysis

Market opportunity analysis & forecasting

Opportunity identification, fit & prioritisation assessment

BD&L target search, screen & assessment

Partner identification & profiling

Deal benchmarking analysis

Product Strategy & Differentiation

Deep analysis of product differentiators and value in the context of an ever evolving and dynamic market, providing objective perspectives to influence product targeting and strategy in support of development planning, fund-raising, and deal-making.

Niche identification & addressable population sizing

Product positioning & differentiation assessment

Target product profile (TPP) definition & testing

Price benchmarking & sensitivity analysis

Scenario-based sales & volume forecast modelling

Product targeting & development strategy assessment

Data Feeds & APIs

Programmatic access to Evaluate data

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Establishing the prevalence of rare diseases from published literature

The focus of drug development has shifted in the last 10 years to treatment of rare diseases. This has largely been driven by the payer environment. According to the NIH, there are over 7,000 rare diseases (many being sub-sets of larger diseases), many of which have not been quantified to date. 

This lack of solid epidemiology data poses something of a problem when it comes to being able to value an asset for a rare disease. This paper provides a best practice perspective on how to establish the prevalence of rare diseases.

Asset valuations in Healthcare

Healthcare is a heavily specialist arena and it is not always obvious how an asset should be valued. Creating valuations or forecasts that are fit for purpose, appropriately detailed and represent an accurate consideration of true drivers of the market is both an art and a science.   

This paper provides a perspective on how to build best practice Asset Valuations. 

Essentials for robust Oncology forecasting and market valuations

The foremost thing you need to know about forecasting in the oncology area is that you will most likely be dealing with a highly dynamic therapeutic area with its own peculiarities.

Most analysts when faced with an oncology forecast can find it quite daunting since oncology is a highly specialised and technical area mixed in with plenty of seemingly impenetrable terms. These nuances are discussed and broken down into bite sized chunks that can be digested more easily.