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Evaluate Expands its Competitive Intelligence Practice

London, UK and Boston, MA – 19th Sept 2023: Evaluate Ltd, a Norstella company, announced today the expansion of its new Competitive Intelligence (CI) Practice that will harness data-driven research methods and deep therapy area expertise from across the Norstella suite of companies. Medical, clinical and commercial teams will be able to partner with the Evaluate CI Practice for consulting support and insightful market analyses. This AI-driven insight will enable these teams to understand their evolving competitive landscape and to facilitate strategic decision making.

Competitive and strategic intelligence in the pharma industry is a crucial but time consuming and complex task. Tracking R&D and marketed products across multiple indications or drug classes involves a multitude of data points and the ability to dissect complex datasets. Monitoring competing companies and assets, significant product development milestones, identifying gaps in the market and understanding potential growth drivers must be considered alongside emerging threats, risk profiles, the cost of R&D and the impact of failure.

Mike Gallup, CEO, Norstella said: “Competition in the pharmaceutical market is extremely fierce. The current wave of uncertainty, fuelled by elements such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and commercial questions stemming from pharma’s suite of patent cliffs, is putting increased pressure on companies to identify, develop and invest in assets that will meet patient need and contribute to long-term commercial success.”

The Evaluate CI Practice combines comprehensive landscape coverage provided by its customisable, SaaS platforms and global, real-time web monitoring of public data sources, with therapy area expert analysis. The practice provides tailored ‘so-what’ analyses and implications to insights which are corroborated by multiple sources with direct and indirect knowledge, to ensure the highest levels of confidence in the insight and recommendations provided. Businesses working with the practice will benefit from a range of technology-enabled services, including:

  • Competitor and market insights
  • Competitor monitoring and conference coverage
  • Customised SaaS monitoring platforms and analytics
  • Strategic workshops and recommendations

Alex Bour, Ph.D, CI Practice Area Leader, said: “With a long and proven track record in commercial pharma intelligence and a highly experienced team of consultant data analysts, and disease area experts, the Competitive Intelligence Practice will provide our clients with the support and tech-enabled insight they need to maintain timely access to market trends and drug development. We are confident that the CI Practice team will make a significant contribution to the strategy, product development, licensing deals and investment decisions that our clients make in the future,”

Evaluate is a sponsor and exhibitor at the Pharma CI Conference and Exhibition in Newark, New Jersey, USA on 20-21 September 2023. Alex Bour, Ph.D, CI Practice Area Lead will address attendees on the first day of the conference, drawing upon Evaluate’s annual World Preview report with a focus on the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on the biopharma market. He will also share Evaluate’s latest forecast data out to 2028.


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